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Ask and you will receive
What's gratitude got to do with it?
Take the focus off the food and manage the flow
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Ask and you will receive

So the formula to creating anything in our lives is:
1. Ask for what you want
2. Believe that you are receiving it and act as if
3. Be joyful and grateful in advance for the good that's on its way to you
Here's where I get stuck. What should I ask for? Am I asking for too much? Should I just ask for one thing at a time? Should I try and figure it out and not worry the Universe with my laundry list of desires?
When I was losing weight, I would have difficulty placing my orders in the restaurant in order to meet my needs.

What's gratitude got to do with it?

Gratitude is a big part of keeping what you have and opening yourself up to receive even more. We've read this in all the books on prosperity and abundance and I know I feel 1o times happier when I start my day being grateful for the good in my life than when I don't. So could gratitude have a place in weight management? You bet your sweet potatoes! The daily practice of being grateful for a successful day with food or a thank you in advance for getting through the luncheon or the dinner like a true Master will draw sucess after success your way. Especially when things have not gone well and you are just ready to kill yourself, try a massive dose of gratitude first for anything and for everything, then let yourself off the hook with a smile.

Take the focus off the food and manage the flow

So it may not be a food thing after all! It may well be just manageing flow...how much is going into our lives and how much we're sending out. Giving and receiving. how much fun and me time are you getting? Are you engaged in meaningful work during the day? Did you choose the right career or is there something else that keeps tugging at your heart? Does the one you love, love you back? How about what you're sending out...? Let's start with our words since words are a big part of intention. Are we sending out gratitude for the good stuff in our lives? Are we bad-mouthing the job, the kids, your best friend and your spouse? Are you giving your time and energy in the right places? What are you spending money on these days? Are you giving yourself the love and support that you need from you? An imbalance in the flow of any of these things and a myriad more can send us spiralling into a binge if we're not careful! What do you think?

Footlong Fever

Hi I'm Rosemarie and you're invited to call it like you see it in this forum as it relates to food, feelings and fitness. Keep your comments clean and conscious and remember to share from the heart!
Subway's is one of my favorite fast food places to eat, but I am looking at the message behind the $5 footlong. Eat more right? Eat it even if you dont really want it because after all its a steal. Certainly if you're sharing it with someone else at $2.50 for lunch, it's a price that can't be beat, but if not... I calculated that the flatbread alone in a footlong was the equivalent of 6 slices of bread!!! if you're focused on the deal, you'll miss the opportunity to choose consciously and wisely. HMMMM. Who needs all that bread at one sitting anyway?